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Birthday: 7th August, 1986

Suffers from ASD (Autism spectrum disorder)

You can find me on Tumblr:
I also have a Team Fortress 2/My Little Pony/Garry's Mod YouTube Channel:…
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Likes: movie trailers, water parks, Australian TV idents, movie company logos (WB shield, Disney castle, Columbia torch lady etc.), orchestra music, computers, cartoons

Hates: Jackass, The Chaser, storms (ESPECIALLY during summer), reality shows, Twilight, getting nosebleeds, prank/practical joke shows, pranks/practical jokes, Australian Labor Party, fireworks in movies/TV being used for comedic/action movie purposes (except for a couple of exceptions), Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, Justin Bieber, The Social Network

Current Residence: Pakenham, Australia
Favourite genre of music: Any, except extreme explicit lyrics
Favourite style of art: Anime art
Operating System: Windows 7, only because I haven't got the net on my own computer
MP3 player of choice: Winamp if on the computer, iPod if out and about
Favourite cartoon character: Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl. I admire her with all my heart.

To anyone who uses EA's Origin, is it still as bad as it is? (NO FANBOY ANSWERS!!!) 

6 deviants said :iconnopeengineerplz:
3 deviants said Yep. Avoid them at all costs.


Journal Entry: Mon Oct 10, 2016, 4:27 PM
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic logo.svg by Tyraka628

Once again, I wasn't specifically tagged to do this, but after seeing :icontishadster: take it on, I figured I would as well. PLEASE NOTE that as of the posting of this, I haven't seen Legend of Everfree yet (due to it not being available on Netflix Australia, which means I may not be able to see it until the DVD comes out), so some of these answers MIGHT change after seeing Legend of Everfree.

1. You can choose up to three answers per favorite question.
2. Answer truthfully.
3: A description explaining your answers and why you choose them is not necessary, but is preferred.
4. When done, tag as many people you want.
5. Have fun!

Question 1#: Let's start this off with the obvious: Who is your Favorite of the Mane cast? (Mane 6, Spike, Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer all count):
Applejack and Sunset Shimmer. I say both of them because I really don't want to decide between the two of them, especially since Sunset is from Equestria Girls, which is a bit of a departure from the main show.
Anyway, Applejack because of her caring of other ponies and how much she works hard for Equestria. Even though her over protectiveness gets to me at times. Plus, I think it's the Western cowboy in me, but I really love her mannerisms.
As for Sunset, where do I start? Despite her not-so-stellar debut in the first EG movie, she's a gorgeous-looking girl who means well when it comes to her actions (seeing :iconmlp-silver-quill:'s video about her certainly helped), even if she wasn't respected at first. As the films went on however, she eventually grew into a great character that, despite her flaws, always triumphs over huge obstacles.

Least Favorite?:
Rainbow Dash. Sorry everypony, but her constant ego (and yes, despite having seen :iconjoshscorcher:'s reviews of both The Mysterious Mare Do-Well and Newbie Dash) REALLY drives me up the wall.

Question 2#: Okay, who is your Favorite Princess? (Twilight can count for this category, unless she was one of your answers for the first question):
I really can't answer this, as I haven't really decided between the three of them.

Least Favorite?:
See above answer.

Question 3#: Who is your Favorite Villain? (This includes characters that originated as villains, reformed or not):
The Dazzlings, hands down! Adagio Dazzle in particular. Manipulative, smart, sexy, and are the only villains (as far as I know) that came the closest to defeating the Mane 6 (or 7).

Least Favorite?:
Pre-season 6 Starlight Glimmer. Despite a promising start in the season 5 premiere, her motivation reveal in the season 5 finale was REALLY face-palm worthy!

Question 4#: Who is your Favorite One-Shot Character? (These are the characters that have had at least one major role in an episode other than simple background. Ex: Daring Do, Spitfire, Princess Ember, Coco Pommel, etc. Reformed Villains and Family Members don't count, no matter how much they've appeared; they belong in the questions above and below respectively.):
Who else, but The Great and Powerful Trixie! I can only hope that she's 100% redeemed after No Second Prances.

Least Favorite?:

Question 5#: Who is your Favorite Family Member? (characters that are related to a member of the Mane Cast. Ex: Shining Armor, Maud Pie, Big Macintosh, The CMC, etc): 
Apple Bloom.

Least Favorite?:
Not really.

Question 6#: Alright, fandom time. Who is your Favorite Backgrounder/Backgrounder Pair? (If you answer based on fandom interpretation, then please explain which one and why.):

Vinyl and Octavia. They're the Daft Punk of Equestria.

Least Favorite?:
Not really.

Question 7#: What is your Favorite Fan-Shipping?:
I'm not really into fan-shipping, unless it's canon.

Least Favorite?:
See above answer.

Question 8#: What is your Favorite Episode(s) So Far?:
The Mane Attraction

Least Favorite?:
Somepony To Watch Over Me. Despite Applejack's badass moment near the end.

Question 9#: What is your Favorite Song(s) So Far?:
Let's Have a Battle (of the Bands)/Under Our Spell. I'm literately stuck between these two.

Least Favorite?:
Not really.

Question 10#: Now onto different kinds of Questions. How did you first hear of MLP:FIM and what got you into the fandom?: 
I first heard of the show courtesy of :icontishadster:, mainly this video: 
It peeked my interest, but it wasn't until I saw the first PONIES the Anthology (mainly the Jackass part, even though I DESPISE that show) that I decided to check out the show. And the rest is history.

Questions 11 and 12#: What would you like to see more of, and what do you think the show could use more or less of in future?:

More of?:
Developing the friendship between Trixie and Starlight

Less of?:
Rainbow Dash acting like an egotistic jerk

Question 13#: Let's see how open to change you are. Are you on-board with Alicorn Princess Twilight, one of the fit-throwing crybabies of the fandom's filth, or just don't care which?
To be honest, I was in the 'didn't care' camp when it happened.

Question 14#: Same question, different topic. Equestria Girls. Love it, hate it, or neutral?:
Despite the lackluster first movie, I'm on the 'love it' camp.

Question 15#: Do you read MLP Fanfics, and if so which ones/what kinds are your favorites?:
Not really. The only MLP Fanfics I've read are the Epic Rap Battles of History ones.

Question 16#: What is your favorite fan-made work(s) (videos, fanfics, music, etc) you've seen so far?

Least Favorite?:
Not really. I haven't seen/heard enough fan-made content to decide on a least favourite.

Question 17#: Got any MLP fanworks of your own for us to check out?:
Sadly, not a lot. All of them are my own Gmod adventures with either the ponies or Sunset Shimmer, this (as of this posting) being my latest one:

Question 18#: Do you think the show benefited from Faust's departure or suffered for it?:
I don't think it suffered at all.

Question 19#: Despite Hasbro already confirming that the IDW comics are not-canon to the show, which one is your favorite?:
I've only read two of them, but my favourite so far is issue #13 of Friends Forever. Mainly due to :iconmlp-silver-quill:'s review.

Question 20#: Are you excited for the MLP Movie?:
HELL YEAH!!! Especially given the number of celebrities that are gonna be in this movie.

I usually don't tag people, but I'm gonna tag :iconskydrew:

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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 26, 2011, 5:08 AM

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A manga series by Kenichi Sonoda and later a 3-part OVA anime, Gunsmith Cats sees two bounty hunters as they tackle all sorts of crimes in the Windy City itself, Chicago!

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